"Uber of Tour Leader" The name was given to ITNERY in the tourism industry. A platform that simply connects tourists to the tour leaders. A platform that provides the ideal interests of the tour leaders and the tourists,So start simultaneously. Safety, quality, and simplicity are the main motto of ITNERY for travel services.

ITERNY was founded in 2019, when COVID-19 has started. 

The main goal of the ITERNY collection is to provide quality services, safe and easy travel to different parts of the world.

The founders of ITERNY, based on several tourist experiences realized all the weak points of this industry in the field of safe and high-quality tourism services, so ITERNY was born to fill this gap. 

Today, ITERNY has provided the opportunity to travel to 180 countries around the world, and the tour leaders of the collection in 180 countries are serious, ready to provide significant services to the tourists. 

Several thousand passengers and their positive comments show the severed trust of the tourists around the world in ITERNY.

ITERNY Tour Quality Monitoring System guarantees a high level of quality of services provided to tourists