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Constellation Khalifa Name of the spectacular center: steeple Khalifa Type of sight center: architecture Country: United Arab City: Dobie Local: Dobie downtown Duration of the visit: more than three hours Input price rate: luxury Intermediate ticket price: Adults 100 dirhams and children 4 to 12 years 75 dirhams Website: Visiting hours: Sunday to Wednesday from 10 am to 10 pm, Thursday to Saturday from 10 am to midnight Address: The lofty skyscraper of tower Khalifa with a height of 829.8 meters in Dan Tan Dubai is the tallest man-made component in the world. This splendid pylon, which took 5 years to build, is one of the most eminent appeals in the Middle East and was opened in 2010. Stepeel Khalifa is a marvelous show of work and art It is not without incentives that it is known as the jewel of Dubai. Go to the 124th floor, which is the second tallest open prospecting platform in the world, for a constant view of the Dubai skyline and its surroundings and look around this city. This is one of the best ways to see the divergent tourist attractions of the city. Constellation Khalifa with more than one thousand apartments, 49 office floors, 4 swimming pools, and a library is at the service of its citizen. Also, the 5-star Armani Hotel with 160 rooms designed by Giorgio Armani is located on the first floors of this tower Atmosphere Restaurant on the 122nd floor, Sky Lobby on the forty-third, seventy-sixth, and one hundred and twenty-third floors, Participatory Suites on the various floors, and Communications and Radio on the one hundred and fifty-sixth to one hundred and fifty floors. And the ninth is other broadcasts of this steeple. There is also a park in the area around the Constellation It clarifies itself in an area of 11 hectares.

United Arab Emirates > Dubai > Dubai
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