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Name of the sightseeing center: Zoravor S. Astvatsatsin Church Type of sight center: church and abbey Country: Armenia City: Yerevan Duration of the visit: Less than an hour Visiting hours: Daily from 8:30 to 19 p.m. Input price rate: free Address; This church was built as one of the oldest constructions, in Yerevan in the seventeenth century, a beautiful church built with the help of red and black tufa stone, a type of usual material that is widely used in Armenian architecture. In the design of this church, in adding to tufa stone, fancy plastering and stone or khachkar have been used. Chelia is an accustomed stone on which a cross was chip and has endure throughout the history of Armenia. It is a bit difficult to conclude the location of this church due to its location in a enclosure surrounded by residential buildings. In other words, this church is hidden among Soviet-style apartments. However, this church is worth visiting as a costly fortune. And it is one of the most popular places in this city. The construction of this church was destroyed in the old place of a convent and with the care and support of the famous assistance Khoja Panos Kalantar, one of the richest merchants in Yerevan. The wall of burnt candles can be mentioned as one of the most attractive parts of the church, where the backer light candles as a revered tradition for the essence of their enjoy ones. Due to the fact that the church closes at 19:00, those who are attracked can go down the stairs to visit the small church of St. Ananias, which is open until late.

Armenia > Yerevan > Yerevan
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