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Itnery Enrique Champlin Traveler I can say that Karl is so passionate because he is always ready for you to answer your silly questions. In Frankfurt there are lots of old world charm mixed with modern architecture. You can visit the cathedral and get to see some of Germany’s best known skyscrapers. But on the other side of the river is the district of Old Sachsenhausen. Filled with lots of cobbled streets, charming traditional german architecture and views of the city from the river bank, this is a part of the city that is often overlooked. And really not to be missed. Old Sachsenhausen is divided into two parts. The more cosmopolitan area of Schweizer Strasse and the Museum Mile. And the old part of the city, dating back to the 12th century and which would have been inside the city walls. On this discovery walk, we will wander the streets joining old with new and taking it all.
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